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Candace is world class. She is reliable and hard working. She keeps the work out's fresh and interesting. Gym is solid and uncomplicated. Thumbs up.

Dave P.

My husband and I trained with Candace 3 times a week for 3 years and were extremely pleased with our workout plan and results. Her workouts are varied, challenging, and designed for each client based on their goals. We also enjoyed her friendly demeanor, flexibility in scheduling, reliability, and professionalism. We definitely recommend Candace Marie Fitness!

Ryan B.

I’ve been training with Candace for 6 months now.  I have had improvements in my overall health and strength. I have built a significant amount of muscle and am seeing results. She is very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. She is also consistent, kind, and dedicated to her clients. She really does care about those she works with. The gym has a great atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and inviting. I plan to keep training with her for the long term and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. If you’re thinking about it- just do it! You will only improve your life and have no regrets!

Devi P.

I’ve worked out with Candace on and off for the past few years. All I know is she is the best! She designs the workouts exactly for your needs. She is challenging and knows exactly how to leave you sore the next day. In the best way too. She is an incredible motivator and will work with you on whatever you need. I’ve seen amazing results doing the workouts Candace has given me. I’m grateful for her and her willingness to train me. If you’re looking to get trained by a personal trainer you should definitely get in touch with Candace, you won’t regret it!

Kaitlyn G.

Candace is truly an outstanding trainer, extremely knowledgeable, innovative and very supportive. Since last year she has truly enabled me to go beyond what I thought I could accomplish. With her wonderful training, guidance and dedication, I have become stronger, have more energy and look forward to continuing to become the best that I can be.

Denise S.

This is the most consistent I have ever been in any workout routine, and I attribute that to Candace in particular. She has a no nonsense style and she is very results focused. She also has the sense of humor and personality to make it a comfortable experience. She has learned how to push my buttons to make me push past my limits to get the most out of my workouts. Extremely convenient location. Great parking. Great place to help you reach your goals and stick to that resolution!

Paul P.

Elaine D.

I have been training with Candace for over three years and can affirm her knowledge in training is superb. She works to accommodate your schedule instead of the other way around. Fitness and nutrition, she does it all!

Dallas A.

I met Candace at the heaviest and saddest I have ever been in my life. I had low self-esteem, little to no confidence and in desperate need of a lifestyle change. I signed up for the personal training program during the summer of 2016, as a way to force myself to stay accountable for the changes I knew I needed to make. I was very nervous to work with a trainer for the first time. I didn't know what style my trainer would have and if we would develop a relationship where I could feel comfortable and establish trust. When I was introduced to Candace, a wave a relief overcame me. I instantly felt at ease and knew that she would be the perfect match for me. Candace's passion for her work exuded from her as she coached me through our first session. I connected with Candace on a professional level as she was able to provide me with the perfect balance of encouragement while pushing me past the limits I had set for myself. I have also been able to connect with Candace on a personal level because of her warm nature, sense of humor and compassion for her clients. Since joining the program, I have not only seen physical results, but also mental and emotional results. Losing weight have provided me with a rising level of self-esteem I do not think I could have achieved on my own. The tools and knowledge I have acquired through Candace's teachings have increased my confidence and provided me with a new lease on life. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to have Candace's instrumental help with rediscovering myself and learning how strong and confident I could be. I can never thank Candace enough for believing in me, pushing me and supporting me through this fitness journey.

Amanda B.

I have recently decided to take the leap and get a personal trainer. I just turned 40 and overweight.  I can say I have been to a gym only 1 or 2 times before joining so everything was new to me.  I was placed with Candace for my first evaluation.  I was very nervous and embarrassed because I could not do much yet.  Candace was amazing.  She supported me through the whole process and reassured me when needed.  Now I see her twice a week and things are going great.  With her training I am seeing things so different.  How a simple adjustment to my day to day activities can make a big change.  I just started my third month now and have lost a little over 6 inches, lost a little over 3% body fat, and gained 4 pounds in muscle… in just 2 months! Candace has helped me focus on better food choices, better posture, and given me so much more confidence.  I know with her help along the way I will have a better outcome than if I attempted to do this on my own.  I am sure my goals will be reached with her by my side.

Mariah N.

Candace provides excellent training that is geared to the individual's specific needs. She designs specific programs that allow you to progress and become stronger. She is very professional , pleasant and accommodating to each individual's needs. I always feel energized after a training session with her.

Helen C.

I have been training with Candace for 2 1/2 years. She has improved my stamina, endurance, and muscle tone. I am 62 years old, but feel stronger than I did 20 years ago. Candace pushes me to do more than I would do on my own at a gym. Having an appointment with Candace twice a week keeps me accountable.

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